Dear Parent,

We hear it from readers everyday: "My son is addicted to Minecraft! He sneaks it whenever he can, and throws a tantrum when I set limits on gaming. What can I do?"
Whether its Minecraft or Candy Crush or Mario Kart or World of Warcraft, our kids are especially prone to extremes — playing as much as they can all the time and reacting terribly to limits. We understand that tired parents want to strike a smart balance without waging war — that is where this report comes in.
In this eBook, you'll find 36 pages of well-researched expert advice and tips — ways to help you understand how video games affect the ADHD brain, how to set better limits, and how to choose games that do good.
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This Special Report contains seven chapters, each full of expert tips for helping you and your child navigate the world of video games safely, intelligently, strategically — and without daily battles. 

Neuroscientists have used FMRIs to see how video games can change the structure of the brain. And the results show that video games can improve brain-based skills and actually help kids with ADHD."

— Randy Kulman