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What is an ADHD diet? Is sugar evil? What about gluten?
Understanding the connection between the food your child eats and his or her hyperactivity, focus, and impulsivity is not easy. Which is why the ADDitude editors have pulled together all the science-based facts you need to know about ADHD, diet & nutrition in this 43-page special report. In it, you will learn about...
...the foods & additives that may exacerbate ADHD omega-3s, iron, and zinc boost your brain
...why you should cut out artificial dyes & flavors protein keeps your body and mind running
...healthy and filling meals to cook for any occasion to keep your picky eater healthy
This comprehensive special report details what foods, vitamins, herbs, and supplements your family should — and should not — be eating. A must-read for every parent and ADD adult!
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This Diet and Nutrition Special Report will help you choose the best foods for yourself or your child, and eliminate the ones that could be causing ADHD flare-ups. Chapters include:

“The smarter you eat, the better you feel.”

—the editors of ADDitude